Vladimir Lebedev-Schmidthof

        Senior software developer, team lead, software magician

Summary of Qualifications:

        Russian (native), English (intermediate)
Programming languages:
        C/C++ (POSIX, stl), Objective-C (iOS, OS X);
        Java/Android, perl, python, bash, SQL, ruby, C#
        eXtreme Programming, SCRUM

Professional Experience

July 2022 — p.t.
        Senior software developer
        iOS client software for VK social network
        (Swift, Objective-C)

November 2016 — p.t.
        Transas Technologies
        Software Developer
        iSailor and other iOS software development
        (Xcode, C/C++/Objective-C).

July 2011 — October 2016
        JoyBits Ltd
        Software Developer
        Games software development
        iOS, Android, Windows 8, Mac OS X, ...
        (Xcode, C/C++/Objective-C, Java/Android).

March 2007 — June 2011
        Envion Software
        Senior Software Engineer
        Since Oct 2009 — team lead
        Software design and development for handheld computers (PalmOS: Metrowerks CodeWarrior C++, PocketPC: Microsoft eMbedded Visual Studio 3, 4)
        Software development for Apple Mac OS X (Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa)
        Team management: planning, estimating, Agile tracking, software architecture design

        Apple iPhone software development (Xcode, C/C++/Objective-C, iOS SDK)
        Android development: (Linux/Android SDK, Java, C/C++/JNI)
        Areas of experience: User interface, text processing algorithms, multithreading, networking, animation, sound

December 2006 — March 2007
        LG Electronics Russia Research And Development Lab
        Senior Sofware Engineer
        Software development for DTV set top box system (Linux (MIPS), GNU C/C++)

December 2003 — November 2006
        "STC "Metrotek"
        Lead software engineer.
        Software design and development for BERcut-C device (Embedded Linux, Opie: c/c++, Qt2/Qt3), BERcut-E1 (ATMega128, ANSI C)
        Took part in open measurement platform BERcut-MMT (Linux, c/c++, Qt2 Embedded, Opie 1.2) development.

December 2002 — December 2003:
        Leningrad R&D Telecommunication Institute (LONIIS).
        Software engineer.
        Software design and development for distributed SS7 measurement system Spider-NM (Linux: c/c++, perl, sh, SQL, CGI, HTML).
        Development and deployment of distributed call tracing system.

June 2000 — December 2002:
        JSC "STU "Baltros".
        Software Engineer.
        Doc-flow software systems development (Win32, Sybase PowerBuilder6, Oracle7).
         "Land Resources Commitee (Doc-flow and cartography for St.Petersburg Land Resources Committee), "Statistics" (St.Petersburg department of National Statistics Committee, preparation for Population Census-2002), "Unified Municipal Estate Data System".

1998 — June 2000:
        Institute for High-performance Computing and Databases.
        Software engineer.
        System software development (Unix (Solaris, IRIX, Linux), c/c++, perl)

Personal data:

Age:  45
Education:  Technical
E-mail:  vladimir@schmidthof.com